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Acoustic and fire rated doorset solutions for architects

29 to 55 Rw dB Acoustic Rated Doorset Solutions for Acousticians

Huet’s range of timber doorsets spans products with 29 to 55 Rw dB acoustic ratings, tested to the Rw standard by accredited laboratories. Thanks to continuous development we are able to supply high performance acoustic doors with remarkably slim door leafs. This same process produces a highly stable door leaf, ensuring uniform performance between it and the acoustic seal.

You can specify complete doorsets incorporating our latest technical innovations rather than separate doors and frames. Rebated frames for example, eliminate mechanical deformity to create an even, constant pressure on the acoustic seal ensuring that acoustic performance is maintained. All this adds up to a guarantee that the unit will perform not only at the test laboratory - but in situ also.

All our acoustic rated doorsets can be specified with a choice of fully acoustically tested vision panels.

Over the years Huet has gained vast experience in developing and applying acoustic technology to doorsets. We’re trusted by acousticians across Europe to provide doorsets which perform in a variety of specialised industries: broadcasting, sound recording, education, health and hotelery.

Notable projects to use Huet doors include:

  • Marriot St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Appartments
  • the new BSkyB studios
  • the Athens Olympic Games Press Centre
  • a long term contract to supply Accor Hotels with a range of acoustic rated doorsets tailored to each of it’s hotel brands
Doorset solutions for interior designers


Doorset Solutions for Interior Designers

Huet supplies truly bespoke doorsets. Over the years we have developed an amazing array of finishes including tinting, staining, veneering, laminating, lacquering or engraving. Allowing our acoustic and fire rated doors to blend with any interior - or to become the focal point, whichever you prefer.

All our fire rated and acoustic rated doorsets can be specified to the highest quality finishes and to whichever style you prefer- traditional, modern, luxurious, minimalist, formal, and decadent or fun. Hinges are pre-fitted and cutouts made to suit whichever handles and locks you choose. Choices of shaped vision panels are also available.

Huet has many years experience working with interior designers in the hotel and leisure industry. We are the preferred doorset supplier of Accor Hotels for many of their brands, from Ibis to Sofitel. Our doorsets were specified by l’Hermitage in Monaco for it’s last renovation. And we’re very proud that our doorsets were chosen for the new Marriott St Pancras Renaissance hotel.

We understand how to work with and support interior designers, we’ve done it for years. Sacrifice neither safety standards nor your design; with Huet doorsets you can have both.

Acoustic Rated and Fire Rated Doorset Solutions for Architects

When you specify a Huet acoustic rated or fire rated doorset you’ll have a choice of innovative and flexible solutions tailor made for your project. You’ll also be backed up with a comprehensive support service to ensure the product looks and performs as well in real life as it does in your designs.

Our huge array of options and finishes will allow you to specify exactly the right doorset solution for your project. For example, if you need a double swinging doorset with different width leafs over 2.5 metres high, electronic key-fob security access system, invisible holding mechanism linked to a fire detection system, 60 minute fire rating and American Walnut real wood veneer finish, we can supply it - with a choice of vision panel. Nothing in our doorsets is “standard” - except the performance and quality.

In addition to real wood veneers you can choose from a host of other finishes to compliment any interior design or specialist need. Our “Prothys” system for example, provides a hygenic, flush fitting, heavy duty plastic face finish and can be combined with the “Oculus” dirt-resistant, flush fitting, stainless steel vision panel frame. It’s the perfect combination for any project in the health or medical sector.

Our doorsets comply with safety legislation: FD30 and FD60 fire ratings tested to BS 476 and EN 1634 standards; optional visible and invisible door holding mechanisms liked to building-wide fire prevention systems. Likewise our acoustic doorsets are rated from 29 to 55 Rw dB, tested to ISO 717/1 Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) standard.


Sustainability is an ever higher priority for the architecture profession so we’ve taken steps reduce our impact on the environment. Our manufacturing plants use energy efficient heating systems and a sophisticated energy balancing system to lower overall energy consumption.

Over the years we’ve gained in-depth knowledge in some specialist industry sectors: broadcasting, sound recording, education, health and hotelery. Specify a Huet door and we’re with you every step of the way.

Notable projects

  • Marriot St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Appartments
  • the new BSkyB studios
  • the Athens Olympic Games Press Centre
  • a long term contract to supply Accor Hotels with a range of acoustic rated doorsets tailored to each of it’s hotel brands
Acoustic Rated Timber Doorset Installed in a Recording Studio

Proven Track-record

Many high profile organisations have chosen Huet acoustic-rated doorsets for their most demanding projects. We supplied all sound proof doors for the Athens Olympic Press Centre.

High Acoustic Performance Complemented by Innovative Design

Many companies can supply acoustic-rated doorsets with performance to satisfy the requirements of recording studios, television studios, auditoria and journalist booths in stadia. Unfortunately most competing products make you sacrifice design and finishing options - not so with a Huet door.

Huet, the Acoustician’s Best Friend

Our acoustic-rated doorsets are made to several performance levels up to an industry leading 55 Rw dB. That’s enough to satisfy most soundproofing requirements. If you have a particular need, let our team will work with you to find the right solution.

Design Choices

Over many years we have perfected a multi-layer acoustic core which means our doors have better performance and a huge choice of finishes:

  • real wood veneers
  • wide choice of laminates
  • primed
  • choice of shaped glazed vision panel
  • custom engraving
  • lacquering
  • anti bacterial coatings

Acoustic Rated Timber Doorsets from 29 Rw dB to 55 Rw dB

Acoustic Rated Doorset Performance

  • Supreme Performance: 51 - 55 Rw dB rated
  • High Performance: 45 - 47 Rw dB rated
  • Medium Performance: 29 - 42 Rw dB rated

Having one of the highest levels of acoustic rating for a timber doorset on the market today, our 51 Rw dB doorset performs to the levels required in music rooms, recording studios, television studios and sports auditoria.

Thanks to our expertise in acoustics developed over 65 years, we can supply a high performance range of doorsets with some of the thinnest door leafs available. With a choice of acoustic doorset rated from 29 Rw dB to 55 Rw dB, we have a product to match any requirement.

The "Pyroporte" doorset is a specific concept of metal frame for plasterboard partition. A timber insert within the frame adds strength to ensure performance of the doorleaf and partition in the event of a fire.

For the education sector there is a variety of doors and finishes to choose from, including laminates, veneers and vision panels. We manufacture almost 600,000 timber doorsets each year, the economy of scale we achieve means we can supply a 39 Rw dB doorset at a lower price point than many of our competitors 35 Rw dB products.


A 35 Rw dB Acoustic Rated Doorset for Schools, Colleges and Universities - But Better

We’re often asked if we can supply a 35 Rw dB rated doorset for schools, colleges and universities. Put simply, yes we can but we’ll give you something extra.

An Economy of Scale

Thanks to years of refinement, our most popular acoustic rated doorset has a 39 Rw dB rating. With manufacturing levels of 15,000 doors per week, it is simply economies of scale. We are able to deliver to your project a performance exceeding requirements at a price level lower price than most of our competitors similar specced 35 Rw dB models.

Safety and Performance

At Huet we take safety seriously, all ourfire rated doorsets are tested to European and British standards.

For corridors we can offer FD30 or FD60 doorsets, in either single or double leaf (pairs). They can be manufactured for single acting or swinging (pivot) actions. Mounted on a pivot, they give the robust performance required to suit the frequent use in a typical school corridor.

When considering the safety and wellbeing of students, our new Scholar 35can be offered as a single or double leaf doorset. When produced with a rebated meeting stile, as a double leaf (pair), it gives you an FD60 rating combined with an excellent 35 Rw dB acoustic performance.

Acoustic Rated Timber Doorset and Fire Rated Timber Doorset for Schools and Colleges Acoustic Rated Timber Doorset and Fire Rated Timber Doorset for Universities

Choice of Finish

Take our medium performance acoustic-rated doorset, it may be competitively priced but you’ll still benefit from our full range of finishing options including real wood veneer, primed, painted or laminated leafs; vision panels; and custom or standard engraving.

High performance acoustic rated doorset for specialised uses

Where high performance acoustic levels are required, we offer the ideal solution. For specific areas such as music rooms, individual study rooms, recording studios, and media centres there is an impressive choice of 42 – 51 Rw dB rated doorsets.

With over 65 years experience in the manufacture of acoustic rated doorsets and fire rated doorsets, contact us to benefit from our expertise and let us work with you to deliver your requirements to your door.

Featured Product: Euroflam Nursery

Euroflam Nursery anti-finger trap doorset


Huet has developed the Euroflam Nursery doorset especially for schools, playgroups, nurseries and kindergartens - anywere designed for young children infact. It is impossible to trap or crush fingers between the doorleaf and frame thanks to it's award-winning combination of features.

The Euroflam Nursery has an FD30 / EI30 fire rating. It can be supplied with Huet's full range of options (including vision panels) and hard-wearing, bright, fun finishes.

Acoustic Rated Timber Doorset and Fire Rated Timber Doorset for Health and Medical Industry

Fire Resistance

Our fire rated doorsets and our acoustic range can be specified with choice of finishes including protective zones for extra wear. Fire rated doorsets are also available with anti-bacterial coatings. They are perfect for hospitals and laboratories.

With a choice of 30 and 60 minute fire rating - and available on single, double, swinging or single acting doors - we're sure we have the range of products to suit your project.

Innovative Doorsets for the Health and Medical Industry

Our culture of innovation is illustrated perfectly by our products for use in healthcare and medical environments. Of course you’ll receive a product with class-leading acoustic rating and certified fire rating. But it’s the extras and details which make the difference.

Hygenic Finishes

All our fire rated doorsets can be specified with a laminated finish for quick and easy cleaning and an anti-bacterial coating that’s inherently resistant to germ and disease transmission. Anti-bacterial finishes for our acoustic rated doorsets are currenty under test.


Our acoustic rated doorsets are often specified for doctors surgeries and health centres. Soundproofing ensures the doctors confidential consultation remains just that. Our higher rated products are used successfully in specialist areas such as birthing suites.



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