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HUET - predstavuje jednu z najväčších producentov interiérových dverí - protipožiarne dvere, hotelové dvere, technické dvere, dvere pre nemocnice, školy, divadlá a dalšie inštitúcie. Firma HUET je lídrom na trhu technických dverí, pričom ročná produkcia predstavuje viac ako 850.000 dverí ročne. Je zmluvným partnerom pre hotelové siete ako Accor Hotel, Ibis, Mercure, Novotel, Sofitel a dalšie. 


Acoustic Rated and Fire Rated Doorset Solutions for Hoteliers

For hoteliers around the World, when they think of doorsets for their next project they think of Huet. Our many successfully completed projects are testimony to this, L’Hermitage in Monaco and the Marriott St Pancras Renaissance hotel to name but two. We’re also Accor Hotel’s preferred doorset supplier for, amongst others the Ibis, Mercure, Novotel and Sofitel brands.

We bring a tailor made blend of design and technical performance to every hotel project we’re involved in. Your architect will appreciate our innovative and flexible solutions to problems of space management and people flow whilst ensuring safety legislation is met. Your interior designer will love our bespoke doorset finishes, placing no limits on their ability to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

We supply acoustic doorsets with 29 to 55 Rw dB ratings, allowing you to choose the level of acoustic comfort you’ll offer your guests. Our 30 minute and 60 minute fire rated doorsets are available in a multitude of configurations including double doorsets, single doorsets, swinging and single action doorsets, opening and closing mechanisms linked to fire safety and/or access control systems, irregular width door leafs, extra height door leafs, vision panels and more.

Thanks to our policy of continuous research and development we ensure our doorsets stay ahead of international fire and safety regulations. So if you decide on Huet doors, you’ll be able specify them for your next hotel and the one after - whether it’s in London, Edinburgh or the Maldives.

Acoustic and fire rated doorset solutions for architects

Acoustic Rated and Fire Rated Doorset Solutions for Architects


When you specify a Huet acoustic rated or fire rated doorset you’ll have a choice of innovative and flexible solutions tailor made for your project. You’ll also be backed up with a comprehensive support service to ensure the product looks and performs as well in real life as it does in your designs.

Our huge array of options and finishes will allow you to specify exactly the right doorset solution for your project. For example, if you need a double swinging doorset with different width leafs over 2.5 metres high, electronic key-fob security access system, invisible holding mechanism linked to a fire detection system, 60 minute fire rating and American Walnut real wood veneer finish, we can supply it - with a choice of vision panel. Nothing in our doorsets is “standard” - except the performance and quality.

In addition to real wood veneers you can choose from a host of other finishes to compliment any interior design or specialist need. Our “Prothys” system for example, provides a hygenic, flush fitting, heavy duty plastic face finish and can be combined with the “Oculus” dirt-resistant, flush fitting, stainless steel vision panel frame. It’s the perfect combination for any project in the health or medical sector.

Our doorsets comply with safety legislation: FD30 and FD60 fire ratings tested to BS 476 and EN 1634 standards; optional visible and invisible door holding mechanisms liked to building-wide fire prevention systems. Likewise our acoustic doorsets are rated from 29 to 55 Rw dB, tested to ISO 717/1 Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) standard.


Sustainability is an ever higher priority for the architecture profession so we’ve taken steps reduce our impact on the environment. Our manufacturing plants use energy efficient heating systems and a sophisticated energy balancing system to lower overall energy consumption.

Over the years we’ve gained in-depth knowledge in some specialist industry sectors: broadcasting, sound recording, education, health and hotelery. Specify a Huet door and we’re with you every step of the way.

Notable projects

  • Marriot St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Appartments
  • the new BSkyB studios
  • the Athens Olympic Games Press Centre
  • a long term contract to supply Accor Hotels with a range of acoustic rated doorsets tailored to each of it’s hotel brands


Acoustic Rated Timber Doorsets from 29 Rw dB to 55 Rw dB

Acoustic Rated Doorset Performance

  • Supreme Performance: 51 - 55 Rw dB rated
  • High Performance: 45 - 47 Rw dB rated
  • Medium Performance: 29 - 42 Rw dB rated

Having one of the highest levels of acoustic rating for a timber doorset on the market today, our 51 Rw dB doorset performs to the levels required in music rooms, recording studios, television studios and sports auditoria.

Thanks to our expertise in acoustics developed over 65 years, we can supply a high performance range of doorsets with some of the thinnest door leafs available. With a choice of acoustic doorset rated from 29 Rw dB to 55 Rw dB, we have a product to match any requirement.

The "Pyroporte" doorset is a specific concept of metal frame for plasterboard partition. A timber insert within the frame adds strength to ensure performance of the doorleaf and partition in the event of a fire.

For the education sector there is a variety of doors and finishes to choose from, including laminates, veneers and vision panels. We manufacture almost 600,000 timber doorsets each year, the economy of scale we achieve means we can supply a 39 Rw dB doorset at a lower price point than many of our competitors 35 Rw dB products.

Our door leafs have substantial hardwood stiles on all four edges. 



Finishes & Facings for Acoustic & Fire Rated Timber Doorsets

Specify a Huet fire rated or acoustic rated timber doorset and you'll have the widest choice of finishes and facings available from any manufacturer. Our timber production offers a versatility that competing metal products simply cannot match – architects and interior designers love us for it.

With real wood veneers, laminates, primed and laquered colours from the RAL paint range (not forgetting the huge choice of doorset options), you really can specify excactly what you need.


Real Wood Veneers

Enjoy the natural elegance of a real wood veneer. With nine species kept in stock you'll benefit from the maximum creative freedom for your designs. Providing the order is large enough we can supply custom veneers too.

We can supply all veneered door leafs with tint and/or varnish to match specified samples. Tint and/or varnish is applied to all surfaces of the door leaf, including the edges.

Real Wood Veneers Held in Stock
  • African Pterygota (Koto) - Pterygota bequaertii.
  • Pine - Pinus sp.
  • Ash - Fraxinus sp.
  • Beech - Fagus sp.
  • Idigbo (Framire) - Terminalia ivorensis.
  • Aningeria (Aniegre) - Aninigeria robusta.
  • American Cherry - Prunus serotina.
  • French Oak - Quercus sp.
  • Sapele (Sapelli) - Entandrophragma cylindricum.

Click images below to enlarge

African Pterygota Real Wood Veneer Pine Real Wood Veneer Ash Real Wood Veneer Beech Real Wood Veneer Idigbo Real Wood Veneer Aningeria Real Wood Veneer
American Cherry Real Wood Veneer French Oak Real Wood Veneer Sapele Real Wood Veneer      


Stratified Wood Veneers

Innovation blends with classical taste in our stratified wood finishes. Real wood veneers are bonded to a reconstituted wood foundation creating a high performance traditional finish. Our stock range includes a choice of eleven finishes.

We can supply all stratified wood door leafs with a choice of tint and varnish to match specified samples. Tints and varnishes are applied to all surfaces of the door leaf, including the edges.

Stratified Wood Veneers Held in Stock
  • American Cherry - Prunus serotina.
  • American Light Oak - Quercus sp.
  • American Walnut - Juglans sp.
  • Aningeria (Aniegre) - Aninigeria robusta.
  • Ash - Fraxinus sp.
  • Beech - Fagus sp.
  • Birch - Betula sp.
  • Canadian Maple - Acer sp.
  • French Light Oak - Quercus sp.
  • Sycamore - Acer pseudoplatanus.
  • Zebrano - Microberlinia sp.

Click images below to enlarge

American Cherry Stratified Wood Veneer American Light Oak Stratified Wood Veneer Aningeria Stratified Wood Veneer American Walnut Stratified Wood Veneer Ash Stratified Wood Veneer Beech Stratified Wood Veneer
Birch Stratified Wood Veneer Canadian Maple Stratified Wood Veneer French Oak Stratified Wood Veneer Sycamore Stratified Wood Veneer Zebrano Stratified Wood Veneer       


Laminate Range

A stock range of laminates in 54 colours. Thousands other colours can be specified from the laminate ranges of any leading manufacturer.

The finishes shown below are from our Boréal range of stock laminates.

Boréal Wood Effect Range
  • Brown Oak Ref: C101.
  • Natural Beech Ref: H102.
  • Light Banyan Ref: 10102.
  • Dark Banyan Ref: 10103.
  • Light Birch Ref: 10104.
  • Natural Birch Ref: 10105.
  • Natural Calvados Ref: 10106.
  • Dark Calvados Ref: 10107.
  • Limed Oak Ref: 10108.
  • Light Oak Ref: 10109.
  • White Maple Ref: 10111.
  • American Maple Ref: 10112.
  • Etimoe Ref: 10113.
  • Beech Ref: 10114.
  • Cherry Ref: 10115.
  • Pear Ref: 10116.
  • Plum Ref: 10117.
  • Wenge Ref: 10118.

Click images below to enlarge

 Brown Oak Wood Effect Laminate  Natural Beech Wood Effect Laminate  Light Banyan Wood Effect Laminate  Dark Banyan Wood Effect Laminate  Light Birch Wood Effect Laminate  Natural Birch Wood Effect Laminate
 Natural Calvados Wood Effect Laminate  Dark Calvados Wood Effect Laminate  Limed Oak Wood Effect Laminate  Light Oak Wood Effect Laminate  White Maple Wood Effect Laminate  American Maple Wood Effect Laminate
 Etimoe Wood Effect Laminate  Beech Wood Effect Laminate  Cherry Wood Effect Laminate  Pear Wood Effect Laminate  Plum Wood Effect Laminate  Wenge Wood Effect Laminate


Boréal Colour Range
  • Nectarine Ref: N001.
  • Green Apple Ref: P092.
  • Bouganvillier Pink Ref: Y022.
  • Pale Green Ref: 10201.
  • Clay Ref: 10202.
  • Caribbean Blue Ref: 10203.
  • Carnival Red Ref: 10204.
  • Cloud White Ref: 10205.
  • Tin Ref: 10206.
  • Beige Ref: 10207.
  • Broom Yellow Ref: 10208.
  • Grenadine Ref: 10209.
  • Flannel Grey Ref: 10210.
  • Pearl Grey Ref: 10211.
  • Lavender Ref: 10212.
  • Marina Green Ref: 10213.
  • Black Ref: 10214.
  • Oxygen Ref: 10215.
  • Paprika Ref: 10216.
  • Petunia Ref: 10218.
  • Sapphire Ref: 10219.
  • Seringa Ref: 10220.
  • Vanilla Ref: 10221.
  • Sea Green Ref: 10222.

Click images below to enlarge

 Nectarine Wood Effect Laminate  Green Apple Wood Effect Laminate  Bouganvillier Pink Wood Effect Laminate  Pale Green Wood Effect Laminate  Clay Wood Effect Laminate  Caribbean Blue Wood Effect Laminate
 Carnival Red Wood Effect Laminate  Cloud White Wood Effect Laminate  Tin Wood Effect Laminate  Beige Wood Effect Laminate  Broom Yellow Wood Effect Laminate  Grenadine Wood Effect Laminate
 Flannel Grey Wood Effect Laminate  Pearl Grey Wood Effect Laminate  Lavender Wood Effect Laminate  Marina Green Wood Effect Laminate  Black Wood Effect Laminate  Oxygen Wood Effect Laminate
 Paprika Wood Effect Laminate  Petunia Wood Effect Laminate  Sapphire Wood Effect Laminate  Seringa Wood Effect Laminate  Vanilla Wood Effect Laminate  Sea Green Wood Effect Laminate


Boréal Deco Range
  • Brushed Copper Ref: B094.
  • Brushed Metal Ref: B099.
  • Diamond Black Ref: F2253 MIC.
  • Polar White Ref: F2255 MIC.
  • Noir Ref: N005.
  • Silver Pearl Ref: P024.
  • White Pearl Ref: P066.
  • Garnet Damask Ref: 10305.
  • Obsidian Damask Ref: 10306.
  • Porcelan Damask Ref: 10307.
  • Brushed Steel Ref: 10310.
  • Cinammon Stucco Ref: 10312.
  • Cobalt Stucco Ref: 10313.
  • Paprika Stucco Ref: 10315.
  • Zinc Ref: 10316.

Click images below to enlarge

 Brushed Copper Wood Effect Laminate  Brushed Metal Wood Effect Laminate  Diamond Black Wood Effect Laminate  Polar White Wood Effect Laminate  Noir Wood Effect Laminate  Silver Pearl Wood Effect Laminate
 White Pearl Wood Effect Laminate  Garnet Damask Wood Effect Laminate  Obsidian Damask Wood Effect Laminate  Porcelan Damask Wood Effect Laminate  Brushed Steel Wood Effect Laminate  Cinammon Stucco Wood Effect Laminate
 Cobalt Stucco Wood Effect Laminate  Paprika Stucco Wood Effect Laminate  Zinc Wood Effect Laminate      

Laquered RAL Paint and Primed Finishes 

Laquered RAL Paint Finishes

Our white laquered RAL 9010 is a high quality, general purpose finish at a very competitive price. Huet can also offer a choice of over 200 other RAL paint colours - all laquered - to match specified samples. Both door leafs and door frames are available with RAL paint finishes.

Primed Finish

For doors which need to be painted a specific colour. Primed doors offer the ultimate in colour flexibility.


Technidécor® Engraving 

Developed to match the creative vision of interior designers and architects. Technidécor® is a patented high technology engraving system offering you a choice of 32 designs and almost unlimited personalisation. Technidécor® engraving can be applied to any Huet acoustic rated or fire rated doorset.

Technidécor® Design Examples
Diagram showing all 32 designs of Acoustic Rated and Fire Rated Timber Doorset Technidécor® Engraving

A Proven Track Record in the Hotel and Leisure Industry

We’re proud to be Accor Hotel Group’s major supplier of acoustic and fire rated doorsets. Whether you need fire and/or sound proof doors we have a range of competitively priced products which will match your specification.

Size is Important

Our doorsets are some of the thinnest available for their acoustic ratings thanks to our unique multcore doorleaf design. Thicknesses range from 41mm to 48mm according to your required acoustic rating and configuration.

A Doorset for Every Use

Guest rooms, board rooms, function rooms, meeting rooms- single or double doors - real wood veneers, primed or painted - custom or standard laser engraving - with or without vision panels. Whatever you need we have a product to suit. And if by chance we can’t match your exact needs from our existing doorset range, we’ll work with you to produce the right product. Our Technical Team will be happy to discuss your requirements, working with you to find a solution.

We even supply laminated, environmentally stabilisted doorsets for use in leisure centres and health spas.

Acoustic Rated Timber Doorset and Fire Rated Timber Doorset for Hotels and Leisure Industry

Seeing is Believing

Interior design is so important to modern hotel development - so why risk specifying a doorset you've not seen? We believe we are unique amongst European manufacturers of acoustic and fire rated doorsets by providing a handmade lifesize mockup of your actual door during the approval process. You can inspect a sample doorset, manufactured and finished to your exact specifications. You'll see exactly what will be delivered to site, making it so much easier to spot any necessary changes before we start production.

Be Well Connected

The SAS 52 doorset is especially designed for interconnecting guest rooms, offering flexibility and privacy as required. The SAS 52 is designed to be installed back-to-back, one door for each guest room. When both are closed you'll benefit from an industry leading 55 Rw dB.

There’s No Smoke Without Fire

Our acoustic doorsets have been tested and certified to EN 1634-1 and BS 476 standards for either 30 or 60 minutes fire resistance.

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